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Why Use:

How to facilitate information exchanges between different levels of governmental institutions as well as between governmental institution and the public has become the biggest challenge facing e-government initiatives. The governmental IT initiatives focus on governmental decrees carrying through, document transfer, and improving government efficiency.

How to Use:

With its high quality AV, intelligent data transfer, user-friendliness, and telecommunication-level stability, the V2 Conference network video-conferencing system provides an advanced "Network Work Collaboration Conference Platform" for government departments, allowing user specific multi-party conferences to be conducted anytime and anywhere.

Other applications include:

Remote governmental conference, urban emergency commanding, public health commanding, electric power dispatching, remote statistics and collaboration,
Remote procurement conference, job interviewing and examination, governmental affair consultation, remote bidding, remote training.

After Use:

The V2 Conference network video-conferencing system allows the legacy e-government software and hardware equipment and environment to be reused and improves government work and decision making efficiency and in particular saves travel, training, and telecommunication costs.

Our Customers:

Ministry of Agriculture of PRC, General Administration of Civil Aviation of China, China Earthquake Administration, Depart of Basic Education of MOE, Ministry of Communications of PRC, Department of Communications, Guangxi, State Post Bureau of PRC, Post Bureau Fujian, Post Bureau Guizhou, Department of Organization of Municipal Committee Shanghai, Municipal Government Zhangjiagang.