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Why Use:

Driven by increasingly market competition, enterprises are expanding their business to the whole nation and even the whole world. The key IT requirements for medium and large-sized include highly efficient and convenient information exchanges, flexible training system, and powerful work collaborations.

How to Use:

With the v2 conference video-conferencing system, routine work communications, conferences, training, hiring, collaboration, and job scheduling can be done on the v2 conference network communication platform. In the conferencing system, conferences with different topics or for different departments can be held simultaneously without affecting each other. Also, your company can hold different large-scale conferences such as quarter and year-end conferences and customer exchanges conferences, to name a few.

The v2 conference video-conferencing system allows you to conduct remote training anytime and anywhere without site and location limitation. Its powerful audiovisual and data sharing design fully meets course materials sharing, voting, and interactive question resolution requirements in remote training. You can also record training lectures for later reuse if required.

In addition, human resources unit can use the V2 Conference video-conferencing system to conduct job interviewing where the interviewer and interviewee in different locations talk to each other audiovisually as if they were physically facing each other, making job interviewing more easier. 

Other applications include:

Remote work conference, work collaboration, internal instant messaging, remote job interviewing and training
Remote production scheduling, remote business negotiation, remote workshop monitoring, remote customer service

After Use:

With the V2 Conference video-conferencing system, considerable telecommunication, travel, and training costs are saved for the enterprises. Furthermore, it saves precious time for the enterprises, in turn allowing them to make a quick decision and response. And It keeps your enterprise always ahead of your competition by making your employee training a piece of cake thing.

Our Customers:

Coca-cola, Guangzhou Honda Automobile Co., Ltd., Wal-Mart China, DHL, Mitsui Engineering & Shipbuilding Co., Ltd., Sanyo, Panasonic, Chia Tai Group, Hanwha Group