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Education and research

Why Use:

With the expansion of education facilities and increasing number of people who seek for education, remote education and training are becoming more popular than ever.

How to Use:

The V2 Conference network video-conferencing system allows you to implement a "remote educational communication platform" on your legacy educational system, building a work exchanging system among your teacher team in terms of ideas exchanging, work collaboration, training, and job interviewing; in addition, it also allows educational institutions to set up a "remote network education system" in order to provide a remote educational platform for more people, allowing students in remote locations to obtain education over the network in a real-time fashion. Also, you can use the inbuilt recording function to record important lecture materials for your students to download or select.

Other applications include:

Remote ideas exchanging, remote tutoring, network education and training, examination site monitoring
Remote education and training, remote lecturing, remote conference, remote job interviewing and evaluation

After Use:

With its efficient and convenient communications and excellent remote education and training design, the V2 Conference network video-conferencing system proves a big success in the educational cycle in that it improves internal communication efficiencies in the educational authorities, schools, and universities, reduces conference, travel, telecommunication, and training costs, and provides a convenient remote educational platform for people with different educational requirements.

Our Customers:

Tsinghua University, Peking University, Lanzhou University, Shandong University, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Beijing Normal University, Northeast University, China Bingqi Zhuangbei Research Institute, National Tsinghua University, National Central University