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Why Use:

The financial industry requires regulatory rules, company decisions, transaction information, profitability analysis, new insurance products, new wealth management products to be dispatched in shortest time. The enormous branch network of these financial institutions, however, make communications among them difficult.

How to Use:

With the V2 Conference network video-conferencing system, all the conferences in your financial institution can be conducted over the Internet where you can not only conduct interactive audiovisual communications but also share various data and reports, allowing information to be exchanged in a more timely and thorough fashion and also meeting the frequent training workshop requirements common to the financial industry.

After Use:

With the V2 Conference network video-conferencing system, synchronization between data transfer and information exchange becomes possible, hence driving down information exchanging costs, considerably saving time, and improving collaborative work efficiency.

Our Customers:

Hanwha Insurance, China Pacific Insurance Group, The People's Insurance Company of China, Hebei Branch of Bank of China, Shanxi Branch of Agricultural Development Bank of China, Guangzhou Branch of The People's Bank of China, China Ping An Life Insurance, Jinan Branch of China Life, Orient Securities Company, Minsheng Securities.