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Legal, military, police

Why Use:

Quick social growth brings big challenges to legal, military, and policy forces. How to strengthen military and policy forces with IT technologies has become the objective of legal and military IT initiatives. Also these IT initiatives focus on centralized commanding, quick response, and collaborative fighting as well as improving law enforcement skills.

How to Use:

V2 Conference has a high bandwidth adaptability in that only 100kbps is required to deliver VCD-level audiovisual effects and comprehensive data functions, allowing legal and police forces to conduct on-site crime investigation conferences and emergency mobilization conferences at all times. On-site pictures and materials can be transferred to the remote center right the first time, greatly improving crime investigation efficiency. Police and field operations forces can also use radio network to conduct streamlined audiovisual exchanges, thereby maximizing mobilization and command transfer speed.

Other applications include:

Remote conferencing, remote training and exchanging, remote collaborative commanding, remote police commanding system Remote interrogating, live court, remote emergency commanding, remote prison management, remote consultation

After Use:

With V2 Conference, a remote video-conferencing communication platform has been established to improve ideas exchanging, information response, on-site commanding, and on-site acting speed and efficiency, hence fulfilling the objective of IT initiatives for these forces.

Our Customers:

General Staff Department, Sinkiang Military District, Jiangxi Second Artillery Department, Guangxi Military District, Beijing Military District xx Department, Shenyang Military District, XX Anti-Aircraft Artillery Regiment in Sichuan Military District, Taizhou Police Station, Sinkiang General Armed Police Force.