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Why Use:

In the logistics industry, wide geographic coverage and involvement of operational units require multi-point interactions to conduct supply chain management and facilitate inter-unit close collaboration and human resources training in order to address new logistic requirements.

How to Use:

With its high quality audiovisual effects, user-friendly GUI, smart data transfer, telecommunication-level reliability, and sophisticated data collaborations including electronic whiteboard, document sharing, collaborative browsing, electronic voting, electronic referendum, and agenda scheduling, the V2 network video-conferencing system provides a robust communication and training platform for the logistics industry, allowing conferencing and training at any time when required.

Other applications include:

Remote office, remote route guiding, remote training, remote dispatching

After Use:

The V2 network video-conferencing system has changed traditional communication concepts and become conferencing and communication platform for the logistic industry where frequent trainings are required for highly skilled human resources. Also its wide geographic coverage allows communications to be conducted anytime and anywhere, hence facilitating internal and external information exchanges, improving work efficiency, saving considerable travel and training costs, and, most importantly, ensuring streamlined dispatching and controlling for the logistics industry. With the network video-conferencing system, enterprise operational efficiency is remarkably improved and operational costs are driven down.

Our Customers:

China Railway No.9 Group, DHL China, Nanchang Railway Administration, Xian Railway Administration.