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Why Use:

To improve production throughput, management efficiency, drive down costs, and ensure production safety, the energy industry needs network video-conferencing to improve its information exchanging and decision making speed.

How to Use:

The telecommunication-level system capacity and platform support, server cascading implementation, consolidation and splitting concept of V2 Conference allow energy company headquarters to communicate internal affairs with their cross-city, province, and even border branches, allowing inter-unit collaborations to be improved. Also its cost effective data functions meet remote communication requirements and improve work efficiency.

Other applications include: remote conferencing, remote dispatching and collaboration, remote training, remote negotiation, and remote customer service.

After Use:

With V2 Conference, the requirements for remote conferencing, remote training, ideas exchanging, and on-site dispatching in the energy industry are met, allowing users to conduct audiovisual and data interactions over the Internet and facilitating web-based modern office and remote conferencing initiatives. With high quality audiovisual effects, user-friendly GUI, and powerful conferencing interactions, the geographic barriers for remote office and communication requirements are removed, thereby saving operational costs, improving work efficiency, and maximizing profits of the energy industry.

Our Customers:

Dalian Branch of CNPC Research Institute of Engineering Technology, Shijiazhuang Electric Power Company, Sinopec, Shengli Oil Field.