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Why Use:

Outdated communication and collaboration facilities hamper the manufacturing industry to make quick response to customer requirements and increasingly complicated commercial environment. To address poor internal and external collaboration, improve operational flexibility, reduce costs and manufacturing cycle, a powerful and efficient information exchanging platform must be set up by manufacturers to help them become industry leaders.

How to Use:

V2 Conference supports double IP addresses for the video server, whereby both internal network conferences and remote Internet conferences can be conducted at the same time, thereby improving both internal and external communications and collaborations. Also the inbuilt system conference notice function means that you do not have to call everybody before the conference, hence improving efficiency and saving costs; the pure software nature of V2 Conference means that you technicians do not have to install onsite equipment and what you will do is to log in the conference server from your IE to download and install all client software in a few minutes. You can conduct an emergency conference instantly and solve problems remotely.

Other applications include:

Remote conferencing, remote dispatching, remote collaboration, remote training, remote customer service, and remote procurement

After Use:

The effective communication solution allows manufacturers to make quick response to market requirements, improve management efficiency and throughput, reduce manpower and other costs, thereby differentiating them from their competition.

Our Customers:

Shougang Group, TCL, Galanz, Bird, Robam.