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Why Use:

It is difficult for traditional medical communication systems to provide comprehensive remote communications and diagnostics, hence hampering spread of advanced medical knowledge and access to medical resources by more people.

How to Use:

V2 Conference allows hospitals to set up a remote diagnosing platform on which real time AV and data collaborations are conducted between hospitals and patients, plus high-vision picture transfer and collaborative viewing, ensuring effective diagnostics by medical experts and enabling real remote diagnosing.

Other applications include:

Live surgery broadcast, remote conferencing, remote training, remote ideas exchanging, remote consultation.

After Use:

Remote medical care has become the Green Health Bridge between medical institutions and patients in that it avoids tedious travels and related costs for doctors and patients, and in particular improves diagnostic efficiency. And remote medical training provides an extremely efficient network education platform on which cutting-edge medical technologies are transferred.

Our Customers:

West China Remote Medical Center, No.4 Hospital of Peking Medical University.