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Why Use:

With increasing PC processing capacity and optimized network environment, Internet-based video-conferencing has become main value-added business for telecommunication operators. Featuring easy implementation, low investment, and strong network adaptability, video-conferencing software products are becoming the prime choice of operators for their leasing business.

Cast Study:

The telecommunication-level stability and large capacity of V2 Conference make it an ideal solution for telecommunication operators to provide professional network conferencing services to their end users such as enterprise conferences, network training, and remote job interviewing. Existing PC and network platforms can be used for "face to face" communications in order to save system implementation costs.
V2 Conference has an easy-to-use GUI. The inbuilt billing system allows minute to be used as the billing unit and provides powerful and flexible billing mechanisms such as fixed-amount and real-time billing to meet possible future needs.

After Use:

Featuring a wide range of telecommunication-level applications, V2 is now partnering with many telecommunication operators. Currently, the system has been integrated with a wide range of platforms of province-level telecommunication companies in order to provide broadband value-added services and operations.

Our Customers:

Shanxi Branch of China Mobile, Hebei Branch of CNC.