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Why Use:

To facilitate conferencing between media headquarter and its local offices and improve work efficiency and ensure media personnel to keep in close touch with their headquarter in any environment, a network video-conferencing system is required for this industry, which not only enables conferencing and training, but also creative ideas exchanging and topic selection.

How to Use:

The V2 Conference network video-conferencing system is designed to meet remote conferencing, remote training, creative idea exchanging, and topic selection requirements, allowing users to conduct audiovisual and data interactions over Internet and facilitating web-based modern office and remote conferencing initiatives. With high quality audiovisual effects, user-friendly GUI, and powerful conferencing interactions, the geographic barriers for remote office and communication requirements are removed, thereby providing an effective solution to the media industry.

Other applications include:

Remote conferencing, emergency commanding, remote dispatching, remote collaboration, job interviewing and examination, remote training

After Use:

With its world-leading technologies, the V2 network video-conferencing system is designed to meet the media industry-specific requirements in that it not only meets the requirements in remote conferencing, training, and enterprise management, but also ensures media personnel to instantly receive instructions from their heads in any environment and feed information back to their headquarter, hence improving efficiency and saving costs.

Our Customers:

Technical Center of Guangdong TV Broadcast, Nanfang Daily.